Jun. 12th, 2012

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It's as good a number as any, isn't it?

It's coming up on 42 months since I went to a little get-together hosted by a forum poster named gatlingmonkey47 and found myself caught up in a dramaturgical chaos ritual that would, as little as I suspected it then, redefine my life. Unknowingly, each of us was assigned a role, with a greater or lesser degree of prescience; a part to play in a cosmic drama.

That was the party where I met Andy Beckett, who taught me to weild the power of a symbol. It was the party where I met Michael Batman, the truest soul I know, and where I met Jayne Brookes, whose courage and strength and determination won my heart a hundred times over. I met others then, as well, who walked with me for some part of this journey the last 42 months, but at some stage went their own way. Imogen, who still allows us to use her shop; Barney, Riley and Ben; Amanda and Holly. Bee, of course, without whom I would never have had to send any member of the CFSS to hospital with the broken stump of a syringe in their leg, and the other Andy, the Teahouse Sorcerer. And Chloe, of course, whom we lost.

Val and Lewis joined soon after the start and many others have come and gone, but now there are only three of us left of that first group: Andy Beckett, Mike Batman and me.

And yet I am sure that this has been the journey of the Cambridge Fortean Studies Society, and I am sure that the journey is coming to an end, of sorts; or perhaps a new beginning.

And so I am having a party. There will be food and drink, and party favours for all, but with a twist.

We came together cast unknowingly in roles. The favours at this party will each denote such a role, but neither I nor Andy nor anyone else will choose which mask any other wears. Each will choose their own favour, and so their own role, and so we shall go forward; redefined, self-defined.

I wonder, will we be what we think we are, in the end? In the beginning.

Join me.

Julius van Helsing
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