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This isn't very imaginative, but it's September, it's turning to autumn and in Changeling world that means it's the season of fear. So let that be your prompt. Write something about fear.

As a second challenge, and as the National has just been and gone, have another prompt of 'big events'. This can be a big gathering like the National, or a big event in your PC's life. Pieces about your PC's experience of a recent big gaming event (a National or a featured game) would be especially appreciated.

And if people respond to this, I'll try and keep them going on a monthly basis again.

So, go forth and write!
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So, for everyone, have a challenge!


How does your PC feel about killing? Have they killed? How does that make them feel?

It's quite a big part of our game world really, and I think in some ways the bit we shy away from properly analysing the most.
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So, I've kinda given up on the monthly challenges for various reasons, but as I've been poked, I thought I'd put up a new one.


Let's all share the beginnings of our characters. Where did they come from? Who were they before the rest of the world got to know them?

Where did they all come from?

Have fun!
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Happy Solstice-Just-Gone, Happy Hanukkah-Right-Now, and Happy Christmas yet to be.

In the spirit of the season, and in an act of blatant plagiarism, having seen [personal profile] lslaw and [profile] blane_firewing doing this very thing, I am opening up [community profile] writing_shadows to the second annual winter gifting fic-fest.

I know a lot of us are pretty poor. We can't afford to give material presents to everyone. But we can write stories.

If anyone would like to offer to write stories or poems or do something similar as a gift at this time of year, then this post is here to help. Leave a comment in the comments section, saying what kind of thing you can write (i.e - short poems for characters I already know, 20,000 word epics for characters who's names begin with 'T', Christmas stories, elseworlds, scene write ups) and if anyone is interested, they can reply to your comment with a request.

I don't think the fic requests are limited to members of the comm. Anyone can request them.

And I hope they make lots of people really happy.

Have a Happy Holidays.

*Technically this title is in breach of copyright. But let's not talk about that, eh?
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Sorry for the delay!

The December challenge, as suggested by several lovely members of the community, will be 'darkness and light'. Write many stories!

And I am also looking for suggestions for the January challenge right now.

Mod post

Dec. 8th, 2011 10:50 am
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Hi guys

First of all, I’m aware I’m a little behind with the December challenge. Secondly, I’m also aware that my last challenge (which was esoteric, even by my standards) didn’t get much of a response and in general, the number of stories posted has dropped off a little.

Therefore, rather then have a challenge descend from on high (the theme would be, if I were doing that, ‘family and bad romantic decisions’ as that seems to be the central theme of all my characters’ Decembers and I wanted to share the pain) I thought I’d ask you guys what you would like to write about. What ideas do people have? What would be fun? It doesn’t need to be a thematic thing – it could be a three word game, or something entirely different.

I also wanted to say as well that you totally don’t just need to write for a challenge. Write up scenes. Write up backgrounds. Write up important moments in your characters lives. Link to the stories on G+ or buzz or wherever you like. Personally, I quite like this place existing as a single repository of stories, for anyone who is interested in our chronicle and would like it to continue.
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It is even being given on time!

It was suggested that I use 'the Endless' as a challenge. However, I think we did that once before and I can't quite bring myself to repeat a challenge.

However, the charming [personal profile] lslaw gave me another idea and so we are going with that.

Your challenge for this month is the number 'seven'. You can do whatever you want with that, although suggestions include the seven deadly sins, the seven virtues, the seven endless, or the seven bells of Sabriel. If anyone else can think of some sevens, put them in the comments below and I'll give any especially good ones a special prize.

By the way, thank you to everyone who wrote something for the October challenge. I know it was a slightly obscure one, and everyone who wrote something for it is deeply appreciated.
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So, if you go here you should find the list of religious festivals in October. There are quite a few - one for almost every major religion I think. I would draw your attention, in particular, to Halloween, Diwali, Yom Kippur and Dussera.

As there seem to be a fairly decent selection, I decided you could take any one of those and use that as your basis for a story. Write a story about what Samhain means to your character, or write a story about what your PC happens to be doing on Diwali. Or take a more abstract approach and write a story about a guardian angel, as it is the Catholic festival of Guardian Angels on 2nd October.

If you want, just write about religion and how your character feels about some of the many faiths that celebrate special days in October. As ever, I am absolutely flexible. But do look at that calender and see if you can have a think about the different ways these days matter to different people.
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This one was suggested by the lovely [profile] paulking101.

    The Bare Necessities

    Each character in the world of Darkness needs something, Whether it be Blood, Mana, Glamour, Essence, Plasm or the Rocket-Fudge (sorry Prometheans and Mortals). In a story like the chronicles we play it can be all to easy to forget the importance of the mystical energies each supernatural requires, its so easy to trivialise it, consider it a fuel and nothing more.

    The challenge is to write pieces on how this vital resource relates to your character, the emotions that accompany the acts to attain these necessary resources or the trauma/heartache/hunger associated with its abscence. Other interesting tails could be found exploring the depths a character will go to to attain the bare necessities of there abnormal existences.

I think this sounds really interesting and could produce some awesome fiction.
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So, as neither of my lovely assistants have come up with a monthly challenge for July, I'm leaping in.

Suggested by [personal profile] faerierhona, the July challenge is going to be to write something for the society. This could be one of the short pieces that [profile] pierot and [profile] hollowcolours have asked for. This could be a piece on the seasons for the Lost wiki. It could be a piece for a totally different project altogether, but I think in July we should all try and write something which would be of use to the wider society. I know there's a lot of projects going around at the moment which people are asking for help with, so go! Be helpful!

If anyone has any other IoD projects that need fiction or writing, do stick it up in the comments section and see if someone can help you.
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So, I've been off work sick and confined to the sofa for the last week (tho hopefully I'm going back to work tomorrow!) and as such looking for things to do. [personal profile] faerierhona suggested I spruce up the Winter wiki, which I've done, and there is now a lovely lovely section for prose about Winter.

I've gone through the community and commented in a hopeful way on a couple of old entries which look like they would be an awesome addition to that section but obviously there may be some I've missed, and there are probably not nearly enough.

Therefore I thought I'd post here and say that if any of the Lost players do have some lovely lovely pieces of prose about Winter, you should totally add them to the wiki. And if you don't, but have been thinking lately 'I'd like to write some prose about my season', you should as well.

Of course, you can also write about the other seasons if you like. Y'know, if you're just that way inclined.
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Hello all

Sorry for the two week delay. I've been having a modly emotional crisis and as such have been terribly terribly unreliable about all things creative and IoD related. However, I am now back, with my traditional dual month challenge - one for April and one for May. They are, however, of slightly different types and I'm not sure which belongs to which month. So you may pick.

Challenge One is one which is particularly dear to my heart, but a little different from my normal challenges. I want you all to try and write a story which showcases your favourite venue to someone who doesn't play it already. I think a lot of the stories that go up here are pretty much incomprehensible to anyone who doesn't already play, and I think it would be really cool if we could get past that and make this venue something that makes people think 'wow - I should renew my membership'.

Challenge Two is a little more traditional, and comes from [personal profile] faerierhona, who suggested it and it seemed like a good idea, and is a thematic one; rebirth and renewal.

Do let me know how you feel about non-thematic challenges - do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you want more one word thematic suggestions or more structured goals? Enquiring Sallys want to know!
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So. It's March. The month of Mars.

As such, and in his honour, I shall declare the March challenge to be 'conflict'. Write of wars, of fights, of battles within the soul. Write of heroism, of wars, of conflicts within the soul. But write of conflict.

I would also love to see lots of prose about the Lost weekender. I know we've had a little, but more would be awesome.
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OK. Two writing challenges in one, and not delivered too terribly late. Mostly thanks to [livejournal.com profile] adze and [livejournal.com profile] sherbetsaucers poking me.

Now, I don't know about you, but my IC world has been dark and bleak and full of despair of late. So that seemed a good January challenge. And what with it being Valentine's Day in February, I thought I could make the theme 'Desire'. And then I thought 'well, if you're going to let one of the Endless into your life, why not let all of them in'.

Therefore, the theme for both January and February will be 'The Endless'.

That is Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny. I'll accept Delight if you really want as well. Any story which can claim to have one of those concepts as a central one will be valid. I'd also totally accept Sandman rips offs as well if you really like, although I'd rather not have flying fish. Those always bugged me.

And thank you to all who wrote lovely lovely stories in December. I love you all.
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Hi all

So, it's December and Hanukkah starts tonight at sundown, which means that the holiday season is well and truly upon us. And that means I'm feeling seasonal. So, I thought I'd post this up here and see if people want to get involved.

I thought it might be fun to do a little [community profile] writing_shadows version of Yuletide Treasure. The point of Yuletide Treasure is that a bunch of people sign up to write fics (at least 1000 words in length) for other people in the challenge, about specific requested fandoms etc. Obviously, we're not going to do that, but I thought it might be nice if we did see if we could write a fic for someone else over December.

The idea I had is that if anyone would like a fic for Christmas, they post in the comments here, mentioning any specific interests they have, such as which venue, which character (s), and maybe which theme. For example, I could say:

    Hi! I'd really like it if someone wrote a fic about Venice and Rosalba, including a WWE cage match, and with a Christmassy theme.

And anyone who is interested can just reply and say "I'll do that,"

Ideally, I'd like it if anyone who requests a fic also commits to write one, and anyone who writes a fic also requests one. If you want to write more than one, you can request more than one. If you do see one request which you really want to do, but already has someone writing it, you can volunteer and that lucky person can get two stories written for them, but I'd like it if we all tried to make sure that no one goes without a fic if they ask for one.

The only rules are that they need to be at least 1000 words in length and contain any characters/themes requested by the person who you are writing it for.

I know this is in addition to the December writing challenge, but I know you guys all have time on your hands. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for those of you who were thinking 'I wish I could get Sally a Christmas present, but I have no idea what' to give me something which will really make me happy.

Are people interested?

EDIT - as a random suggestion, because there's been lots of doom in the IoD lately, I reckon it would be nice to make the default in these stories positive (about the characters mentioned anyway), unless someone requests a tale of hate and bitterness. I am fairly sure most of you totally will, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
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Hello all!

First of all, the December challenge.

The December theme for you all is 'home and family'. You can do one part, or both parts. If you want to use them to write me Christmas/Yule/Channukkah stories I'll love you in huge amounts. Channukkah prose would be especially fab, if unlikely.

Secondly, I've decided to add some extra tag to the comm. Right now, you can only tag the prose by venue. I know there were requests for username tags, but as you can already sort prose by username, by adding /?poster=username to the end of the community url* that seems a bit redundant.

I have, however, decided it would be nice to differentiate between the three main types of story here, which are mostly stories which happened in background, alternate universes and write ups of events in game. Therefore, I'm adding in three new tags: chronicle, background and elseworld. You don't have to use them, but I think it might be nice for people searching through the comm to know which stories are reflections of in game events etc. I'm considering a challenge tag, but currently the challenges are really easily found under 'mod announcement' so I don't know if it's necessary.

I hope this sounds good? I also need to set up an FAQ page soon. Can anyone think of any questions they would like to ask?

* For example, to find all my prose, you type /?poster=annwfyn to the end of http://community.livejournal.com/writing_shadows.
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So, I'm getting the November challenge out early, because I'm inspired.

I would like the November challenge to be 'venue swapping'.

This can be 'what if your changeling had been Embraced first' or 'what if Father Gabriel and Rosalba swapped bodies', or even 'what if your werewolf met your changeling'.

I think it might be fun.

As a note, I've also noticed people writing 'before the change' stories, and I really like those too, so if you're not inspired by elseworlds fic, then write one of those instead!
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So, after all our discussion about adding usernames as tags, the very lovely people who run LJ have rather resolved this issue for us.

You can now view this comm sorted by username.

All you need to do is add ?poster=yourusername to the end of the url.

For example, http://community.livejournal.com/writing_shadows/?poster=annwfyn will show you all my stories. http://community.livejournal.com/writing_shadows/?poster=akonken will show you Allison's and so on and so forth.

I am deeply deeply thrilled by this and think we should all have a little party at the shininess of this.
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I have made [profile] meltedcandle my minion mod on this comm.

This means he has the special power of tagging entries, approving members and unleashing my bloody vengeance on those who confuse 'your' and 'you're' helping control the fun for everyone.

I am also considering new tags. Currently the only tags I have are the tags for the venues, and 'mod announcement' which covers anything I have to say as mod. This was a reaction to the last fiction comm I ran which anyone could add tags too. And I loved all my players, but they added many many tags, including their PC names, misspelled venue names, and sometimes silly things like 'monumental acts of stupidity'* or 'comment you bastards or I'll sulk'** and I got lost in a sea of tags.

However, I am aware that I'm maybe a little too controlling and so am wondering if there are any other tags that people would like. [profile] akonken suggested people's usernames as tags, and I wondered whether people like that idea or whether it might be a little too unwieldy? Also, are there any other tags that people think might make this community easier to navigate?

*[profile] unifex. And yes, it was a monumental act of stupidity.

**[profile] lanfykins. And I have often thought about adding that particular tag on here again, I must admit.
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Following on from August's rather quiet slash fic challenge, but the demented madness of the three words meme, I'm giving you a new challenge which I'm hoping will actually stretch people a little.

The theme for September is 'shared experiences'. That means that anything you write about for this challenge should be a shared experience with another PC. That could mean that you write about a scene from your PC's point of view, and they could write the other half, or you could jointly write a story together.

The theme for October is going to be 'fear'. I want you to write about your characters fears, the way they can scare others, or just write me a piece in the manner of a ghost story. I am happy for people to play with that, but the theme will be 'fear'.

Those two challenges will run over September and October, so do feel free to write either of those pieces at any time during the two month period.

By the way, can I offer a very special 'thank you' to [profile] sherbertsaucers for his genius entry for the August challenge. I have not been able to look at Lorica and Rhys, in particular, in the same way since...


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