Sep. 29th, 2010

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Steel bends, stone breaks, clearing the way to the hole in the ground where the people crouch, up to their waists in water.

Punch scurries in and starts to help them out; Clay reaches down to take them from her. They are profuse in their thanks, although already the fear is in their eyes as the see the weight I'm bearing on my shoulders.

Once everyone is clear, I set my load - what's left of a wall - down. Already there are people running towards us; soldiers with guns.

This is the fourth time we've done this, or something like it, and I think it has to be the last. Too many soldiers now; too many humans and too many weapons, and I won't let Punch and Clay get hurt. Watching them, working with them, I haven't stopped missing Brae, but I've found something to fill the absence I feel each time I remember how far away she is.

Brae is in Egypt with Simcity. Rocker is in Scotland with the mountains.

I look over at Clay and Punch and tell them we have to go; the soldiers are almost here.

I'm the big brother now; I have to look after them.

And that's when I realise.

It's time to grow up.


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