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((OOC - This is snippets from conversations during the game at the National. It was just some nice RP so I thought I would share it. It is a bit emo, but then so is Marathon atm. Fenchurch and Work in Progress hopefully used alright, the comments were along the lines of what I remember from the game...))

"Why is Marathon heart sticks?"

Fenchurch was looking at her with his usual innocent expression, somewhat puzzled and concerned at the same time.

Marathon closed her eyes briefly and sighed. She then slowly started to explain everything. How she had killed id because she felt she had to, because otherwise he would have continued to kill people and she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. How her throng had tried to stop her from doing it, had held her back and even used their transmutations on her. How in the end she had still done it and then left the throng, unable to stay when they would try and stop her doing what was necessary.

Her eyes started to tear up, the melancholy pressing down on her heart as the main pain started to pour out. "I haven’t seen him since I killed id. He's so disappointed in me. I've never been this alone before, I always had them, ever since I was created. I don't know how to do this alone. I am so lonely and I miss him."

She started to cry properly now and Fenchurch watched in confusion. He was the reason her heart felt heavy and everything hurt. Hero, it always came back to Hero. The thought that she might not ever see him again felt so bad it was hard for her to breathe. She felt lost without him.

Later on she was heading away, feeling despondent and wondering why she had come, she passed Work in Progress looking confused.

"None of this makes sense. None of this is working the way it is supposed to!" He looked frustrated.

Marathon smiled sadly at him, "Doing what you believed is the right thing and losing everything you care about doesn’t make sense either."

She kept walking, time to go back to the Highlands, maybe if she spent long enough there then she could forget the look in Hero's eyes as she ignored him and went for id. Maybe this hurt would fade. Maybe.


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