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Every time I walk through these doors / different doors / idea's the same
Every time is like the first: these monsters
Then: Sap / Albinus / whoever and they all want you to be afraid
or even if they don't they like it

Fuck you

It's the end of the world as we know it: fuck you.
Boy I just love to grab a bitch by the throat: fuck you.
I have some ancient evil secrets: fuck you.
Ancient warlord blah de I don't even give a fuck: fuck you.
Oh, my lovingly detailed tortures: fuck you, you fucking fuck.

I am a pretty reasonable guy / at least that's what I've always said / but seriously

Fuck the lot of youse

Of course I'm afraid / all the goddamn time
Snipers on the rooftops / cameras in the windows / traitors among my friends / taps on my phones / the Ancient, coiled inside me like a cancer / Violet burned to ash for nothing / my whole goddamned life like a hall of mirrors where the mirrors are razor shards seeking my eyes / always MOTHER always MOTHER

You don't know why you do it / but you do it because you want us in our places / or because you're scared of yours

I have no sympathy

I hid for a long time / played along for a long time / didn't care for a long time / acted like I didn't give a fuck

But I do

And I am putting (inwardly) you cunts on notice

Your bullshit poisons us and there just isn't time for it any more

Sick to goddamn death of being afraid / of seeing the ones I have to protect afraid / and if the interaction of my boot and your face (metaphorical -- fuck do you think I am?) can end it then I have a


to do that

That goes double for you, Big Red Bastard


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