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The respectful nod Justin gave me as I requested to drive myself back to Manchester covered his amazed expression. I had never made such a demand of him since I employed him, but I needed something to do. He seemed uncomfortable taking the passenger seat next to me but I make a light comment about my driving ability and he relaxes slightly. He has got used to my moods, and the joke signifies that I'm fed up of the Invictus behaviour for the night.

He after a moment asks if I had a pleasant evening, and I confirm that it was interesting. On autopilot really, my immediate reply. We sit in silence as I negotiate the string of roundabouts that take us away from the lovely old church that houses the court of Wakefield. I know some humans dislike having to drive in darkness, but I don't understand it. It is pleasant beneath the pale street lamps, though I admit to myself that I have never known better.

I relax on to the motorway, performing the subtle flick of chance that will allow me to have time to think as I drive. I drive by instinct now.

There is something about the nobility of Ventrue that I can't help but trust, it seems. I need to make sure I watch this, perhaps I should have found myself a liege lord of their clan so that I could have one that I trust. Sir Daniel I suspect has called it right, though I struggle with my pride to admit it.

The suggestion that I was wrong is a dagger in my thoughts and I fight the anger that raises in my chest. I feel my fangs slip out and revel in the power of my beast, though still not allowing it to overwhelm.

Justin's fingers are white, clenching the cream leather beneath him as he glances at me and amusement floods my mind. My beast backs down quickly and I ride the buzz that follows. I attempt to smile reassuringly at him, allowing my amusement to show. He returns it weakly, I know I'm terrifying for a mortal so I do not expect much more than that.

Putting my eyes back to the glistening tarmac and the flash of passing lights, I put my mind to the task of my most pressing problem currently: what do I want out of it.

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