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A little ego piece to celebrate DWC hitting Spirit Rank 4 :-)


Young-But-Pure stalked the streets of Whitechapel, confident in his purity as one of the chosen of Silver Wolf. He saw the Herd backing away from him as he walked the streets, and was pleased. This was at it should be.

He was tired of being the omega in the pack, and looking for a way to prove himself, and earn a better deed name. He’d heard about this patch of turf that was apparently only claimed by a single one of the despised Forsaken, and not even one of the well-renowned ones, according to the spirits in the area that he’d asked.

So he was now stalking this patch of territory, looking for this foolish young wolf who had bitten off too much. It was proving troublesome- there were very few signs, and they didn’t seem to lead anywhere. Still, sooner or later, he’d have to respond to this incursion- he might be young, but there are some instincts you don’t ignore.

He was so lost in thought that he walked into someone, and bounced off, partly in surprise that there was someone who hadn’t got out of the way in time. Taking a quick sniff, he reassured himself that it was just another human. But he became aware that this human not only hadn’t got out of his way, he was still there. He didn’t look like much, wearing a battered trilby and some tatty t-shirt with a rough-worn short-sleeved shirt open over the top, and serviceable jeans and boots. Still, there was a faint something about the way he stood there…he was confident and unconcerned in the face of one of Father Wolf’s children. This would not do.

Taking in the fact that his newly-designated prey had just come out of a side alley, he quickly came up with a plan to punish the temerity of this human whilst not giving away his true nature to the rest of the herd around. He started slightly moving so that if this person backed away he’d end up back in the alley.

“Who the fuck are you? And why are you in my face?”, he growled, bringing all of his werewolf nature to the fore in an attempt to intimidate the human away from him.

It seemed to be working- the human started to back away, unwittingly entering the alley, all the while offering platitudes about how he was sorry and didn’t want any trouble.

Young-But-Pure advanced, forcing him further into the alley, until they were well down and out of easy sight of the main street. At which point he shifted to Dalu, and stepped forward to punish the impudent human.

Then doubled up in pain as a perfectly-executed snap kick to his solar plexus hit him with the force of an iron bar. He felt organs rupture from the strike, and, as he channelled Essence to heal, wondered how on earth anyone could hit him so hard.

The human, once more relaxed and now grinning, whilst standing in what looked like some sort of martial arts stance, spoke up again.

“Damn but they raise them dumb down your way, don’t they?”

This was followed up by several more strikes, all with the same force, before he even had the chance to reply. He called upon Silver Wolf’s gifts to be able to fight on through the pain, but quickly realised as he was falling to the ground that even if he could fight on mentally, his body just wasn’t working right. He felt the rage building within him, but it just wasn’t enough

He felt, rather than saw, someone sit on his prone body, and reach into his pockets for his wallet. And then this unexpected tormentor spoke again. And now the scent of werewolf, somehow hidden before, was filling his nostrils. And not a young or weak one either.

“So, Robert, is it? I can call you Robert, right? No need to speak up, just groan. Right, thanks. So, I’m gonna give you a pro tip here, on account of me being something of a teacher and all. If the rest of your pack has decided it’s probably too much trouble to deal with one little Forsaken, it’s probably because they’re not a little Forsaken. Now, I figure the mockery you’re going to get from your pack is probably payback enough for this, seeing as you did no real harm here. But word to the wise”, and for the first time, there was the sound of steel and rage and everything that was an experienced and dangerous werewolf in the voice, “if I see you down my way again I’ll be doing things to you that you won’t walk off. Just because I won’t kill you doesn’t mean I can’t make you wish I had…”

Then there was a blow he didn’t hear coming, and nothing but darkness.


The next morning, deep in his pack’s territory on one of their patrol routes out of the way of normal passers-by, a member of his pack found Young-But-Pure securely chained up and with a little note pinned to him.

“Dear Ancient and Respected Foes,
If you would like to carry on being respected, could you make sure you teach your cubs how not to trip over their own feet before they come bumbling into my territory.

Love and Hugs


PS I charged the cost of the chains to your alpha’s bank account. I’m sure he won’t mind.”
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