Jun. 21st, 2012

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A knife flashed in moonlight making fur damp and tangled.

Claws raked skin exposing wet meat under slowly soaking torn cloths.

Monsters blood pools with my own. A sanguine sea.

And i dive.

My lungs fill with liquid lead and with each breath I am scorched. So painful it is cold. Pain that prickles in my limbs that will not move. I float on waves of conciseness. Nausea the only evidence of me being awake. Then its all gone.


I'm left standing on an empty plain. Rivers of black stretch away like tar filled veins. I feel heavy, my boots dig deep into the cracked dusty ground. The air is filled with despair, with half heard begging and i fear if i stay here i will join the invisible tortured horde.

So i walk towards the only landmark. A dark tower that breaks the uniformed horizon. And each step is a herculean trial. My feet dig trenches in the earth. The legion of voices beg me to stay. To rest. To remain here. And for a second i do.

But i do not belong here.

And this land won't claim me.

Each step is as hard as the last and with each step i seem to gain no distance. The tower is still on the horizon. Maring its perfect line. Mocking my weakness. A monument to my failure,to avenge the lives of nine teenagers. My inability to protect my family. And then the weight is too much.

As if a thousand hand take hold of me I’m dragged to the ground and i give up. The pleading voices whisper promise of oblivion. The dirt clings to me and numbs me to the bone. I close my eyes and let it smother me.

Alexi gasped in air as the recurring nightmare fades into obscurity. He pulled himself from the familiar comfort of the cheap bed sheets that had been ruined by cold sweat. He reached for the bedside table which held two options for him. The mobile phone had Matron’s number. He still had so many questions and she could help. But he went for the second option, two pain pills washed down with a fifth of vodka. Dragged himself back to bed and try and ignore the oncoming oblivion.


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