Jul. 27th, 2013

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Through the darkness I could hear him, his wordless yelling ringing in my ears. My eyes pressed into my skull in the blackness. I tried to move my hands to find them pinned by my sides. I struggled, my breath coming quicker, his yelling becoming screams. I called his name, my voice coming out shrill and panicky. I tugged against my bonds again, wrenching my shoulders and putting my weight and muscles into the movement. Gasping for breath I yelled again, his voice sobbing in my ears. “My hands! No! Please not my hands…” I felt hot liquid on my cheeks as emotion overcame me. Screaming his name into the void around me, I felt my anger rising. I ripped at what held me, the coarse material digging into my skin. My tears met my lips and I tasted blood.

Finally I freed my hands, my fingers reaching my face to pull away whatever barred my vision to find my eyes but hollow sockets. I screamed.

And woke with a yell, my eyes snapping open to the darkened chamber. Moonlight spilled into the room from the un-shuttered window.  I gasped for the dark night air, propelling myself from bed and filled my lungs with the scent of the palace. My fingers touched my waking face, my eyes, to calm myself. His screams still echoed in my ears and I shuddered. Quickly and quietly I padded across the room, blessing whatever chance gave me the ability to move on silent feet. I fumbled for flint to light a candle and stood there basking in its glow. I glanced over at the bed to see my sheets reduced to tatters. I sighed.

Pouring myself a cup of water from the jug, I softly left my room. I could just remember which was his, two along, on the left… Yes, this one. I stood for a moment by his door. I had to check; I had to make sure he was all right. I strained my hearing, my eyes tentatively shutting out distraction. Soft breathing, yes that was him. I felt myself relax slightly, my heart slowing the pounding in my ears. I couldn’t sleep again tonight.

The light from my candle guided be along the corridor, I did not really need it but the darkness made me feel panicky. I remembered the way to the patio where we broke our fast well enough, distracting myself by recalling it.

The door closed with a soft click behind me. Setting the candle gently on the table, I took a chair to overlook the view. The city was placidly beautiful at night, the waxing crescent moon telling me that dawn was not far ahead. Breathing deeply I began to chant softly, allowing the words to seep into my distraught mind. The smells of the royal palace lazily lapped at my lungs. The whispered words fluttered in the cool breeze that touched my face. My muscles relaxed as my eyes took in the coming roseate sunrise and the waves on the beach far below caressed my ears.


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