Feb. 27th, 2013

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They walk slowly on the platform companions, heavy footstepts walking hand in hand people flowing in the same direction like salmon flowing down stream but invietbly the time comes when they will fight the current and move up stream to the end of their time together, amongst the flowing masses of faces that go in all directions, happy, cheerful full of purpose full of pride about the world they now find themselves in.

It is 21st of May 1945 and it is a new world, for some it is a World without War

Both Michael and Poppy look around at the faces loved ones being welcomed home, departing and leaving the world behind, the platform is vibrant and full of life trying to find a quiet place to say meaningful and sad goodbyes is hard for them both.

A patch of shadow at the far end of the platform by one of the columns gives them that chance, which they gladly take some refuge in Poppy wearing her hair up in a certain way looking colorful and full of vibrant life which the power of the blood gives to all Kindred when they choose it, She walks Michael down the platform as he holds her hand looking around at the faces distracted and clumsily saying sorry to baggage and people he accidentally knocks over.
They both gather in this quiet place the sound of the steam train pulling in loudly signaling it’s arrival to the masses screeching to a stop and making the station come to life, people waiting welcoming their loved ones, others rushing to get off being replaced by bodies wanting to get on quickly, two figures in the shadow stand quietly for a short time looking at another speaking but without using words holding each other’s hands.

He speaks quietly and softly touching the side of her face gently, her leaning into the hand touching it softly, he speaks sad words of having to move on, words that weigh heavy on his heart, and her hearing words of resignation that she is so proud, but the words take a painful turn as he speaks of the darkness and how he is leaving her to it, the darkness that seems more than just that, a real thing that can consume you if you let it.
God, faith, love, between two people are spoken by Michael, how his life was saved by an angel how he knows that she can go on without him and he will try to be someone who can move on with his love his duty for the tasks of moving onto the horror that was left by the war, the true horror of god’s children, her brave face and stance is difficult but she wishes him luck and expresses pride, to be safe for this human that she has taken into her life.
Promise, promise you will return are her words to him, he says he will, but then his heart sinks further like a crushing weight he says the words that tear his heart in two, he speaks the words of true love that he felt when he first laid eye’s upon her, when the two souls began to talk one dying the other dead, the love that allowed him to put his faith in an angel that gave him her healing touch and dragged him back into the world by her side.

I love you are his words and this is why he must go before he does more harm than good to her, he sees the burden she carries and knows this love cannot be returned, and he knows that through this love which may have been helped by the addictive vitae it does not rule his love, to protect her soul he cannot let his true love be the thing that destroys them, the work he would do in the war torn lands in eastern Europe are noble and true but Michael will protect her at all costs like the two had been doing since they left the hospital all that time ago.
Sadness and loss fill their corner of the platform, they know it is soon time, that they must part, the yelling of minutes left by the platform staff, both know that it is soon time, they hold each other as much as they can both knowing that they have protected each other in their own way that he has been good to her and she has found peace with God and the company of a mortal man.

The steam billows from the great exhaust of the train seconds remain between the dead, the living, but both know that they are devoted to each, he would die for her, he would do anything and that is why he leaves, but before he does he asks one last thing from her the last step which she is always afraid off, the final stage of the bounding of blood to him, she always took care never to make him ghoul long enough for it to take, only to heal him in the most grave of situations, and now he was asking that he would want her blood, her protection, her love to always keep him with her however long it must be, and that she finally give him immortality.
With this came greatest of risks but she knew it was better than the alternative, she looks around from the darkness of their corner and watches for people looking at them but they are enthralled in their own lives, she bites down slowly on her wrist, the blood flows slowly moves down her arm but stops like it wishes to return to her veins, She looks at him with compassion and sorrow in her eye’s knowing that this is the final step for him that her blood will make him complete, make him a bound.

He slowly touches her wrist where the small open wound lays, feelings and emotions, strong with both of them, he looks into her eyes, reassuring that everything will be okay that this is what is right, drawing her blood into him for the 3rd time, she concentrates her will, giving him her strength, holding him tightly as he strains to keep hold of her wrist, his head thrusting back quickly away from her wrist letting the blood fill him, full of strength.
He closes his eyes and then looks at her, both hear the final whistles for all aboard, a resignation, they both hold each other with everything they have, knowing the end is coming, she says the words promise me, again, he responds in kind saying he promises, but both know that this could be the end.
Through fear of never letting go he quickly moves to one side and grabs his bag stopping looking at her one last time tearing his hand away from hers, both fighting back the inevitable tears, he moves quickly onto the platform onto the moving train, breathing heavily his heart racing from the sorrow, his heart feels as though it’s been ripped from his body, he turns with dread to look out the window, seeing her moving down the platform waving with such sadness in her eyes, he lifts his arm weighted with sadness and waves slowly in shock.

68 years they would see each other again their lives, their requiems being forever changed.


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